Greater Tulsa Open 2023
21st Annual

Bowler Details

Bowler Name:   Mistiann J Marlow
USBC ID: 9030-2006

Event Location Entry Team Name Ent
Squad Lane Gms Ser Ser
Hdcp Hdcp
Greater Tulsa Open 2023
Open TeamAndy B's Family Entertainment Center550Fab Five18311/11/2023 13:30163490163.330490--
Open DoublesBroken Arrow Lanes549-2Marlow, Mistiann J. / Warnock, Jeffery S.18311/12/2023 14:00213606202.000606--
Open SinglesBroken Arrow Lanes549-3Marlow, Mistiann J.18311/12/2023 14:00213523174.330523--
Open All-Events Handicap549Marlow, Mistiann J183--
Open Six Game Combine549Marlow, Mistiann J183--

Bowler of the Year 2023
Qualifying - WomensGreen Country Lanes5-1Marlow, Mistiann J.1805/17/2023 19:0053534178.000534--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2023
Open TeamGreen Country Lanes164Here 4 the Beer1773/19/2023 15:30163540180.000540--
Open TeamGreen Country Lanes163Finish Line Pro Shop1773/25/2023 12:0033630210.000630--
Open DoublesGreen Country Lanes164-2Marlow, Mistiann J. / Hogan, David A.1773/18/2023 15:00113535178.330535--
Open DoublesGreen Country Lanes165-1Marlow, Mistiann J. / Ridge, Clayton G.1773/19/2023 12:0093527175.670527--
Open DoublesGreen Country Lanes165-2Marlow, Mistiann J. / Codner, Zane T.1773/25/2023 15:0013489163.000489--
Open DoublesGreen Country Lanes163-2Starr, Brandon D. / Marlow, Mistiann J.1773/26/2023 12:00133559186.330559--
Open DoublesGreen Country Lanes165-3Marlow, Mistiann J. / Warnock, Jeffery S.1774/2/2023 12:0073552184.000552$50.00
Open SinglesGreen Country Lanes164-3Marlow, Mistiann J.1773/18/2023 15:00113533177.670533--
Open SinglesGreen Country Lanes165-1Marlow, Mistiann J.1773/19/2023 12:0093505168.330505--
Open SinglesGreen Country Lanes165-3Marlow, Mistiann J.1773/25/2023 15:0013548182.670548--
Open SinglesGreen Country Lanes163-4Marlow, Mistiann J.1773/26/2023 12:00133524174.670524--
Open SinglesGreen Country Lanes165-5Marlow, Mistiann J.1774/2/2023 12:0073521173.670521--
Open All-Events HandicapGreen Country Lanes164Marlow, Mistiann J1771917--
Open Six Game CombineGreen Country Lanes164Marlow, Mistiann J1771274--
Women's TeamGreen Country Lanes262Hurricane Hustlers1774/2/2023 09:0083483161.000483--
Women's DoublesGreen Country Lanes262-2Brown, Laura E. / Marlow, Mistiann J.1774/1/2023 08:3033578192.670578$25.00
Women's SinglesGreen Country Lanes262-4Marlow, Mistiann J.1774/1/2023 08:3033621207.000621$87.50
Women's All-Events HandicapGreen Country Lanes262Marlow, Mistiann J1771991--
Women's Six Game CombineGreen Country Lanes262Marlow, Mistiann J1771405$130.00

TOURNAMENT TOTALS:458,145181.00$292.50
Greater Tulsa Open 2022
Open DoublesBroken Arrow Lanes293-2Downum, Matt L. / Marlow, Mistiann J.18112/4/2022 13:0073549183.000549--
Open SinglesBroken Arrow Lanes293-4Marlow, Mistiann J.18112/4/2022 13:0073527175.670527--
Open All-Events Handicap293Marlow, Mistiann J1811250--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2022
Open TeamThunder Bowl137Finish Line Pro Shop #31793/27/2022 15:30113555185.000555--
Open DoublesThunder Bowl137-1Marlow, Mistiann J. / Warnock, Jeffery S.1793/26/2022 15:0073504168.000504--
Open DoublesThunder Bowl166-1Marlow, Mistiann J. / Ridge, Clayton G.1793/27/2022 12:0033583194.330583--
Open SinglesThunder Bowl137-1Marlow, Mistiann J.1793/26/2022 15:0073526175.330526--
Open SinglesThunder Bowl166-1Marlow, Mistiann J.1793/27/2022 12:0033563187.670563--
Open All-Events HandicapThunder Bowl137Marlow, Mistiann J179--
Open Six Game CombineThunder Bowl137Marlow, Mistiann J179--
Open AlibiThunder Bowl137Marlow, Mistiann J179--
Women's DoublesThunder Bowl265-1Marlow, Mistiann J. / Brown, Laura E.1794/3/2022 12:0093658219.330658--
Women's SinglesThunder Bowl265-1Marlow, Mistiann J.1794/3/2022 12:0093504168.000504--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2021
Open TeamFast Lanes146Stanky Leg1613/27/2021 12:00103564188.000564--
Open TeamFast Lanes171Finish Line Pro Shop1614/3/2021 12:0043552184.000552--
Open TeamFast Lanes168Team 1681614/3/2021 18:3063607202.330607--
Open DoublesFast Lanes146-2Phipps, Dustin P. / Marlow, Mistiann J.1613/28/2021 12:0033512170.670512--
Open DoublesFast Lanes168-1Marlow, Mistiann J. / Hogan, David A.1614/3/2021 15:00113536178.670536--
Open SinglesFast Lanes146-4Marlow, Mistiann J.1613/28/2021 12:0033511170.330511--
Open SinglesFast Lanes168-1Marlow, Mistiann J.1614/3/2021 15:00113529176.330529--
Open All-Events HandicapFast Lanes146Marlow, Mistiann J161--
Open All-Events ScratchFast Lanes146Marlow, Mistiann J161--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2020
Women's TeamFast Lanes225Lets Roll1443/28/2020 12:0000000--
Women's TeamFast Lanes224The Hustlers1444/4/2020 12:0000000--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2019
Open TeamGreen Country Lanes127Time to Spare1603/23/2019 12:0093511170.330511--
Open DoublesGreen Country Lanes127-2Marlow, Mistiann J. / Hobbs, Derek L.1603/23/2019 15:00133418139.330418--
Open SinglesGreen Country Lanes127-3Marlow, Mistiann J.1603/23/2019 15:00133436145.330436--
Open All-Events HandicapGreen Country Lanes127Marlow, Mistiann J160--
Women's TeamGreen Country Lanes239We Don't Give a Split1604/6/2019 12:00143503167.670503--
Women's TeamGreen Country Lanes259Stars & Strikes1604/7/2019 09:0083484161.330484--
Women's TeamGreen Country Lanes273Amazing Grace1604/7/2019 15:3023452150.670452--
Women's DoublesGreen Country Lanes240-1Marlow, Mistiann J. / Marlow, Star1603/31/2019 12:00113394131.330394--
Women's DoublesGreen Country Lanes239-2Brunson, Mary M. / Marlow, Mistiann J.1604/7/2019 12:0053450150.000450--
Women's SinglesGreen Country Lanes240-1Marlow, Mistiann J.1603/31/2019 12:00113472157.330472--
Women's All-Events HandicapGreen Country Lanes239Marlow, Mistiann J160--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2018
Womens TeamThunder Bowl254We Don't Give a Split1513/18/2018 10:0043487162.330487--
Women's DoublesThunder Bowl254-2Brunson, Mary M. / Sparks, Mistiann J.1513/17/2018 15:0033499166.330499--
Women's SinglesThunder Bowl254-4Marlow, Mistiann J.1513/17/2018 15:0033444148.000444--
Womens All-Events HandicapThunder Bowl254Sparks, Mistiann J151--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2017
Womens TeamFast Lanes234Okie Babes1482/11/2017 12:3063427142.330427--
Women's DoublesFast Lanes234-1Sparks, Mistiann J / Marlow, Star 1482/12/2017 11:0033492164.000492--
Women's SinglesFast Lanes234-1Sparks, Mistiann J1482/12/2017 11:0033459153.000459--
Womens All-Events HandicapFast Lanes234Sparks, Mistiann J148--

Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2016
Womens TeamGreen Country Lanes225We Don't Give a Split1443/12/2016 12:3073464154.670464--
Women's DoublesGreen Country Lanes225-2Sparks, Mistiann J / Brunson, Mary M1443/12/2016 15:30133450150.000450--
Women's SinglesGreen Country Lanes225-3Sparks, Mistiann J1443/12/2016 15:30133465155.000465--
Womens All-Events HandicapGreen Country Lanes225Sparks, Mistiann J144--


BOWLER TOTALS:15927,385172.23$292.50
12-MONTH TOTALS (see USBC Rule 319e):6311,374180.54$292.50