Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2017
85th Annual Open / 74th Annual Womens

Open All-Events Handicap Standings

Rank Entry Bowler Name Avg From Scr Hdcp Total
1119Rush, Douglas W166Eufaula, OK18084112219
2106Turner, Travis R201Muskogee, OK19401442084
3132Anderson, Robert L170Checotah, OK16983812079
4133Hogan, David A165Checotah, OK16424202062
5118O'Dell, Kyle S164Muskogee, OK16214262047
6125Collins, Otis D175Wagoner, OK17033422045

7125Pruitt, Ronnie D177Wagoner, OK17153272042
8119Carr, Dennis M180Checotah, OK17343062040
9118O'Dell, Chip 196Fort Gibson, OK18401832023
10105Patterson, Thomas L218Owasso, OK1996152011
11114Rhoads, Scott J194Warner, OK18091982007
12133Codner, Zane T197Checotah, OK18061741980
13120Kuykendall, Brian D193Muskogee, OK17722041976
14118Jones, Paul A175Muskogee, OK16213421963
15125Collins, Willard 196Wagoner, OK17721831955
16109Smallwood, Lowell J184Checotah, OK16722731945
17119McGuire, Larry D158Whitefield, OK14614741935
18109Jackson, Fred B142Checotah, OK13335941927
19105Pingleton, Doug D222Fort Gibson, OK191601916
20124Hebb, Mike G191Muskogee, OK16932191912
21117Warner, Jayden J209Muskogee, OK1826841910
22106Jones, Jason E234Muskogee, OK190501905
23132Jenkins, Lajuana F151Porter, OK13715251896
***Brennan, Jason S18616352581893
23133Phipps, Dustin P156Muskogee, OK14044891893
25114Miller, Mike E199Gore, OK17331591892
26117Forrest, Mark W188Muskogee, OK16482431891
27105Bargsten, Scott A212Muskogee, OK1822601882
28108Barnard, Michael W214Checotah, OK1833451878
28109Hetzel, Ray E189Porum, OK16412371878
30106Mann, Thomas W193Muskogee, OK16652041869
31109Lane, Carl J160Porum, OK14044591863
32108Schiller, Tommy E216Muskogee, OK1827301857
33120Thomas, Charles C125Checotah, OK11227261848
34132Jenkins, Jerry L181Porter, OK15492971846
35124Pollard, Les 161Muskogee, OK13924501842
36136Ross, Amanda L161Muskogee, OK13844501834
37114Wagner, Ken L203Canadian, OK16981291827
38115Floyd, Sandy L185Muskogee, OK15402671807
39107Turner, Elaine 157Muskogee, OK13074801787
40117Vaughn, Billy C196Muskogee, OK16011831784
41132Newnam, Stephen L166Eufaula, OK13554111766
42105Fillman, Bill 204Muskogee, OK16431201763
43118Wicks, Bobby J153Muskogee, OK12515101761
44120Kuykendall, Amy D186Muskogee, OK14952581753
45106Dillon, Michael D214Muskogee, OK1703451748
45119Herron, Bobby J173Checotah, OK13913571748
47121Floyd, Erv E187Muskogee, OK14722521724
48122Stewart, Robert A186Muskogee, OK14592581717
48125Hill, Jeff D177Wagoner, OK13903271717
50121Talley, Evelyn G176Muskogee, OK13743361710
51107Dillon, Gary M170Muskogee, OK13273811708
52121Talley, Donald J188Muskogee, OK14462431689
53115Clark, Jessie R218Muskogee, OK1654151669
54122Stewart, Michelle L212Muskogee, OK1603601663
55107Mann, Laverne A178Muskogee, OK13353211656
56117Sands, Timothy W213Muskogee, OK1601511652
57124Hughes, Fred A201Muskogee, OK15051441649
58133Lafave, Phillip P204Muskogee, OK15181201638
59124Hebb, Thomas R184Muskogee, OK13582731631
***Dunning, Trevor D16611562741430
***Cook, Scott A19212251421367
***Lathrop, Dale E1849641821146
***Moore, Blake A19466966735
***Dickerson, Michael J177448218666
***Cosby, Marilyn M178539107646
***Lafave, Kena D18651786603
***Fulton, Charla L19953353586
***Hake, Gary G18348394577
***Haynes, John C19048676562
***Cosby, John W19247871549
***Vanderford, David 19749058548
*** - Bowler did not pay for the event, but may be eligible for a prize. See tournament rules for details.