September Senior Singles

Super Senior - Mens Standings

Rank Entry Bowler Name Avg From Scr Hdcp Total
122Hodges, Richard L176Muskogee, OK527129656
212Davis, Jeffrey L138McAlester, OK424220644
***Smallwood, Lowell J163481160641

351Beasley, Alfred J150Muskogee, OK445192637
448McDaniel, J.W. 153Eufaula, OK445184629
***Rush, Douglas W158438172610
511Davis, Dewey D166Braggs, OK453153606
***Barney, Billy L185489108597
***Dickerson, Michael J19049796593
630Ortiz, Robert G155Wagoner, OK405180585
750Smith, Ron J178Chouteau, OK449124573
***Lydeen, Donald H169421146567
825Marshall, Connie T188Muskogee, OK432100532
***Wagner, Ken L20948050530
*** - Bowler did not pay for the event, but may be eligible for a prize. See tournament rules for details.