Green Country USBC Association Tournaments 2021
88th Annual Open / 77th Annual Womens

Women's Alibi Standings

Rank Entry Bowler Name Avg From Scr Hdcp Total
***Thompson, Tobi S176737105842
***Fulton, Charla L178678100778
***Wolfe, Kristin N176637105742
***Kuykendall, Amy D19969150741
***Nolan, Darah L19264567712
***Bowling, Jo H154551158709
***Robinson, Georgianna E145524180704
***Bennett, Karen R143510184694
***Wadsworth, Stacie S112430259689
***Stubbs, Mary Beth 146508177685
***Burroughs, Teresa J157530151681
***Jenkins, Lajuana F149509170679
***Payne, Gretchen A157526151677
***Stewart, Michelle L18559284676
***Talley, Evelyn G163540136676
***Bennefield, Shayla L147497175672
***Tabor, Sue C143484184668
***Morgan, Mindi L173553112665
***Mann, Laverne A163526136662
***Wise, Michelle R122424235659
***Bennett, Lyndsey 153496160656
***Wiggins, Yolanda Y150485168653
***Snelson, Stacey R138457196653
***Dixon, Betty J151469165634
***Bryson, Margie A151465165630
***Rush, Wynona J143440184624
***Pierce, GiGi 127389223612
***Hodges, Barbara A149436170606
***McKinney, Carmen A121293237530
***Jones, Kay E140308192500
***Davis, Billie J166370129499
***Abbott, Judy 105103276379
*** - Bowler did not pay for the event, but may be eligible for a prize. See tournament rules for details.