Green Country 55 and Over 2019
29th Annual

All-Events - Mens Standings

Rank Entry Bowler Name Avg From Scr Hdcp Total
155Wimberly, Jeff 181McAlester, OK17963512147
218Mayo, Larry L210Muskogee, OK19891442133
344Buscemi, Peter S186Tahlequah, OK17843152099
430McGuire, Larry D156Whitefield, OK15625312093
539Forrest, Mark W193Muskogee, OK18182642082
627Bezdek, J. L. 175Eufaula, OK16653962061
740Wagner, Ken L205Canadian, OK18691802049
89Farar, Berton L213Welling, OK19281202048
911White, Marvin N182Muskogee, OK17013452046
1020Fillman, Bill 213Muskogee, OK19241202044
1153Cosby, John W185Muskogee, OK17153242039
123Umbenhower, Jim 195Broken Arrow, OK17842522036
1344Haff, Steven M180Pryor, OK16753602035
144Llewellyn, Windsor 179Muskogee, OK16683662034
153Threats, Clarence 150Muskogee, OK14505762026

1616Marshall, Connie T195Muskogee, OK17692522021
1727Mann, Thomas W192Muskogee, OK17442732017
1825Bybee, Johnny R171Fort Gibson, OK15914232014
1915Campbell, Jerry D157Fort Gibson, OK14835252008
208Pingleton, Hubert D181Fort Gibson, OK16523512003
2139O'Dell, Chip 194Fort Gibson, OK17402581998
2253Schroeder, Don J176Wagoner, OK16053871992
2345Jones, Paul A173Muskogee, OK15824081990
2437Little, Robert G183Muskogee, OK16483361984
2537Sorenson, Gregory T150Muskogee, OK14055761981
2648Mason, Douglas H188Fort Gibson, OK16783001978
2727Puffer, Jimmy K142Muskogee, OK13436331976
2855Williams, James C182Quinton, OK16203451965
2930Thrower, Larry R165Checotah, OK14944681962
302Davis, Dewey D172Braggs, OK15424171959
3117King, Anthony A191Muskogee, OK16732791952
3151Hetzel, Ray E173Porum, OK15444081952
335Lester, Lloyd H191Muskogee, OK16702791949
3432Yadon, Richard V169Muskogee, OK15064381944
3518Jones, Earl N220Porter, OK1870721942
3613Smallwood, Lowell J175Checotah, OK15453961941
3721Reeves, John A180Gore, OK15773601937
3838Jenkins, Jerry L182Fort Gibson, OK15913451936
3922Jackson, Jeffrey L155Checotah, OK13945401934
4022Rush, Douglas W172Eufaula, OK15164171933
416Dickerson, Michael J188Okay, OK16303001930
411Adams, Kenneth A161Fort Gibson, OK14354951930
4320Allen, Ron W216Muskogee, OK1826991925
4446White, Dennis L194Wagoner, OK16662581924
4421Barney, Billy L189Wagoner, OK16302941924
4418Pierce, Nathan J171Muskogee, OK15014231924
4714Hodges, Richard L198Muskogee, OK16842281912
4712McDaniel, J.W. 158Eufaula, OK13965161912
496Lathrop, Dale E184Muskogee, OK15793301909
5019Hake, Gary G180Muskogee, OK15373601897
515Keck, Joe A167Muskogee, OK14434531896
522Davis, James D187Braggs, OK15813091890
5334Cook, Scott A207Porter, OK17231651888
547Floyd, Erv E192Muskogee, OK16072731880
5521Jordan, Dan E179Fort Gibson, OK14903661856
5628Carr, Dennis M188Checotah, OK15553001855
5710Morgan, Steve A179Muskogee, OK14843661850
5849Vanderford, David 196Muskogee, OK16062431849
5934Hebb, Thomas R190Muskogee, OK15582881846
6017Lee, Jonathan C189Taft, OK15402941834
6136Goekler, Robert A168Porum, OK13724441816
6235Newnam, Stephen L162Eufaula, OK13234891812
6339Clark, Jessie R223Muskogee, OK1759481807
6416Adcock, Ewine M196Muskogee, OK15572431800
651Hughes, Fred A186Muskogee, OK14793151794
6642Funderburk, Mark O210Tulsa, OK16481441792
6725Sharp, Emmett D195Muskogee, OK15152521767
684Crane, Gerald 189Muskogee, OK14672941761
6914Ortiz, Robert G173Wagoner, OK13474081755
7013Jackson, Fred B141Checotah, OK10086391647
***Huffman, Robert A17311582721430
7145Wicks, Bobby J141Muskogee, OK8764261302
***Allen, Charles L1619583301288
7219Watts, Lawrence A184Muskogee, OK10592201279
***Cothrum, Wade 20611491141263
***Stewart, Robert A18810402001240
7315Talley, Donald J181Muskogee, OK9422341176
***Horn, Drew 156555177732
***Mitchusson, Victor M167505151656
7451Lane, Carl J158Porum, OK481172653
***Peerson, James F185532108640
***Martin, George E180515120635
***Lane, Jack A173498136634
7550Gildhouse, Lawrence L123Checotah, OK0256256
*** - Bowler did not pay for the event, but may be eligible for a prize. See tournament rules for details.